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Never Put Your Calories on a Credit Card!

Do you wish to live a healthier lifestyle? Begin to give the same consideration to what you eat that you give to your finances! In today’s world, we all recognize how easy it is to purchase things we want “right now” with our all too handy plastic credit cards. Doing so, most certainly provides immediate gratification! Then a short time later, the bill comes and we often no longer feel so ecstatic about the same purchase which held such excitement only 30 days ago. At which time, it becomes just another rotten bill to pay! To top it off, if you’re unlike me and always pay in full each month, there is that nasty little thing called interest. Of course, it is also easy to recognize that interest on debt is not your friend.

It’s exactly the same with the instant gratification one experiences when you eat that little something extra or that “cheat meal” before you’ve earned it. This is why I am such an advocate of early am workouts. Get up and out the door creating a caloric deficit before starting your day, then if you feel like eating a little something extra, it’s already paid for! You’ve earned it! Developing an ‘earn it first’ routine opposed to ingesting a large meal and indulging in dessert while telling yourself, “I’ll work it off tomorrow” makes more sense. Because when “LIFE HAPPENS” and you miss your workout, much the same as not paying that credit card bill in full, the “interest” starts to balloon along with your waist line!

So remember! Learn to burn it and earn it before you enjoy it and you will be on your way to a much healthier lifestyle! Never put your calories on a credit card!

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