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Start Right, Choose Wisely

Start Right, Choose Wisely, Fitness One at a Time, All things Considered

Making fitness and health a priority is easy when it is your career. Their income becomes dependent on performance or physique. What about the non-athlete or non-fitness model? When making lifestyle changes they must be accommodating to the individual. NO, I am not saying making the change is easy. I am advising everyone to make goals realistically challenging. Don’t fall for glorified marketing. We have all seen “Get Shredded” “Get Lean” “Burn Fat” “Tone up” ad campaigns on Fitness Products and supplements. If these ads are true, they are increasing the body’s metabolism. The options are overwhelming to the average person but thinking through molecular terms they exhibit the same outcome, cutting fat storage by spiking the metabolism. DNA and fingerprints are all different. Why would we all follow the same diet? In order to make the decision process a little easier we must figure out what will fit into our lifestyle and gradually add new challenges one at a time. DO NOT try to flip your diet overnight. This will lead to negative side effects that will convince you to retract to your old unhealthy habits. In order to prevent this, we must understand that the human body is very adaptable. The differences between everyone is how stubborn the body is to adapt. Dramatically changing the diet overnight only shocks the body. Tracking our diet for two weeks before we make changes is the best way to start. This is how we get a grasp on what kind of macros we are eating. Then we must start by eliminating certain unhealthy foods while adding in a healthier alternative ONE at a time. We all have those foods we love but know we should hate. An easy solution is to find a healthy alternative or limit how often we indulge. No, artificial sweeteners are not considered a healthy alternative. No, organic does not always mean healthier. An easy example would be, stop eating canned vegetables and grab some fresh produce instead. After making these changes we can focus on meal prep. This can be extremely stressful so initially meal prep one meal a day. No meal planning doesn’t have to be plain and tasteless. Spice up your meals to what you desire. Add one meal to your planning as they become more habitual. UNDERSTAND your physical limitations are low in the beginning. Use it or lose it, is a very true statement. If our body has not been under physical stress in a long period of time your gym or activity time will be extremely short. This discourages people in the beginning but it should encourage. No you don’t have to start off spending one to two hours in the gym. YES, it is ok to only spend 15 to 30 mins on small simple movements. Our bodies adaptability is phenomenal. In a matter of weeks the body will be able to last a lot longer, especially if we are starting from the bottom. LEAVE the supplements alone. Unless we are talking about a daily vitamin or fish oil. It is very obvious that that we have a hard time making sure we get what the body needs on a daily basis so a quality multi-vitamin is GREAT. NO, I am not against the supplement industry by any means but, in the beginning we DO NOT need any supplements. Yes, they do help a lot, especially when you find a company that has quality ingredients. No, they are not needed in the beginning stages of any fitness program. After four to six weeks of consistently being active and eating healthy that is when supplements can be implemented. Positive life changes are a common desire that must be added one at a time. Make the changes permanent by adopting an active lifestyle that fits your unique individuality. Taking the same ideals when altering your diet. This will be the solid foundation you need in order to have a positive lifestyle you are proud of.

Positive life changes are a common desire that must be added one at a time
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