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Understanding Hydration

As a fitness professional, who is constantly preaching the benefits of water and proper hydration to my clients, I was shocked when I found myself passed out on my bathroom floor just a few short weeks ago. As I came to, and saw five fireman/paramedics standing over me in my bedroom I was in a panic wondering what was happening to me.

“I’m only 52, I’m in better shape than most 25 year olds”, was my first thought as they began a battery of tests. I refused a stretcher and walked out to one awaiting me in the driveway where they insisted I get in so the could slide me into the back of an ambulance. Mind you, the last time I was taking that ride I was eight and was just struck by a car, so this was all very foreign and scary to me.

A kid, younger than my son, was in training ( a “probee” as they call them) and it was his job to handle my every need as his training officers looked on and watched. The ambulance began to roll as he started to insert an IV into my veins.

Lucky for him, he landed a gig that provided him a patient with veins that would make a road map jealous. I asked “is this your first time buddy”? His simple reply…”yes sir it is” It was then his superiors spoke up and said “ya Jones, you better hit this or you might as well quit” I can’t imagine the pressure this kid felt, but he managed to easily slid the needle into my vein.

I rolled into Palomar hospital on a busy Saturday night only able to look at the ceiling and hearing overhead speakers of all the activity happening around me. Gunshots, stab wounds, broken arms and new babies all swarming around the emergency room causing a 7 hour stay as the battery of tests continued.

EKG’s, MRI’s, CAT scans, Blood and urine tests all to rule out what could be wrong with “America’s Most Trusted Fitness Professional” Clark Bartram.

At around 4AM the verdict came in, they quickly removed the neck brace, IV and heart monitor to give me the news.

The young, handsome Doc who looked like a soap opera doctor, (that made it easy on my wife and daughter) said “Mr. Bartram…you are fine other than being dehydrated! Did you drink any water today”?

Much to my embarrassment my reply was “as much as I tell the whole world, “drink half your body weight in ounces of clean pure water” I drank nearly none that day and to top it off, I had too much coffee that will only dehydrate.

Make sure to drink water while working out

We all know it, we’ve all heard it…water is vital to life. Nearly ⅔ of your body is water, nearly ⅔ of the earth is water, Bruce Lee and the Bible describe how powerful water is and I, Clark Bartram America’s Most Trusted Fitness Professional can testify to the opposite as well, how devastating not getting enough water can be. What could have been a $5.00 expense for a few bottles of water on that infamous day became a bill of over 15k in ambulance and emergency room bills.

Let my hypocrisy and laziness be a lesson to you to…Drink Half Your Body weight In Water Every Day.

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