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Are You A Good Steward Of Your Body?

I’ve traveled the globe speaking to people about health and fitness and living in their healthiest bodies and no matter where I am I see one common thread….most people, unfortunately, do not take care of themselves! It’s a fact… especially here in the US where we have EVERYTHING available to us, both good and bad.

I always ask people to raise their hands by saying, “who here feel that they are living in their healthiest body?” If I have a room of 50… MAYBE 2 will raise their hands…and truth be told I’m not always raising mine!

I too have times in my life where I am not being a good steward of my most precious gift, my health. Like an alcoholic we need to first be honest with ourselves when we think about that question.

Let me ask you right now… Are you living in YOUR healthiest body RIGHT NOW? If you said “no” then I say “why”?

It’s important that we understand that we only have one body and that when we fill it with bad food, sugary drinks, drugs and alcohol, negative thoughts and empty calories we are only demanding that it gets worse. The body will only respond to what it’s being fed, and how it’s being treated, that’s it. It may take longer for more genetically gifted people to get fat and unhealthy, but eventually, overtime, even the skinniest person with the fastest metabolism will break havoc on their metabolic system if they treat their body with disrespect. It’s simply a matter of time.

That being said, the opposite is true as well and that is the good news. When you treat your body with respect and feed it and treat it properly…even the least genetically gifted person will begin to see results over time…some longer than others.

It’s pretty simple to figure out but it all starts with a desire to live in a healthier body with the main goal being more efficient as we age. It’s not about looking perfect or being some fitness model, that may be a great ancillary benefit that happens as a result, but it’s more about understanding that if you treat your body with respect and are a good steward over that gift, your body will give you it’s best in return by giving you a longer, healthier and more enjoyable existence.

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